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Monty King

WebAidR Specialist

Tips and Tricks to add Pop and Pizzazz for Online Success

Social Media

How to grow on social media.

MRR Marketing

Make money by repurposing MRR material


See tutorials about getting set up online

Web Dev

Tools, resources, tips and tricks for your website


The power behind communication

Evergreen Captions

Evergreen Captions


Evergreen captions can be used anytime.

Inspire Captions

Inspire Captions

Inspire Your Audience

Inspire your audience to be the best they can be.

Connect Captions

Connect Captions

Engage Your Audience

Get your audience excited about engaging with your brand

Ask Captions

Ask Captions

Ask Questions

Get your audience engaged by asking questions

Convert Captions

Convert Captions

Turn Your Audience Into Buyers

The purpose of your social media strategy. Right?

Holiday Captions

Holiday Captions

Recognize Holidays

Show your audience that you have some cultural awareness


Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.

Stella McCartney

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