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WebAidR Specialist










You will be able to create social media posts quickly

You will never be short of ideas for content to post on social media


Use a viral photo

Use a caption



You can get many ideas for social media.


You still have to brand the content to your style


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52 Uses For PLR

Why should you be interested in PLR?

PLR and MRR stand for Private Label Rights and Master Label Rights

This means, when you buy the product, not only do you have the benefit of learning what the product has to offer, but you can also sell it to others.

PLR and MRR have different rights, so be sure you learn about the difference.

Most of the products I sell are sold as MRR, which means you can repurpose the content and create your own. 

This makes it easier to create courses, webinars, and blog content.


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WebAidR Digitals


Can I resell “99 Social Media Ideas”

You may not resell “99 Social Media Ideas”

You can however use it as a lead magnet.

If you repurpose the content by at least 50%, then you can call it your own.

By repurpose I mean, change the title, the graphics, and use this products content as a springboard to create a similar product.


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