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Have you ever looked at someone else’s success and felt like you weren’t doing enough?

(raising my hand right now!)

I’m a pro at comparing myself to others.

It usually sneaks up when I’m searching for info online or some guide to help me. Pretty soon I’ll forget what I’m looking for and start focusing on their success instead.

Then it hits me…the wave of jealousy.

But you know what? I’ve learned to pull myself off the cliff when that happens.
Comparing only sets us back.

So whenever I feel that wave coming on, here’s what I do:

1- I remind myself that their level of success is not a checkpoint for my own, nor does it threaten my success in any way. There’s more than enough to go around!

2- I get to work. If I have time to think about what they’re doing, I’m a slacker (kidding). Seriously though, when I’m super busy I don’t care about what anyone else is up to.

3- Use their success as inspiration. I acknowledge that they worked hard to get where they are. And since I’m working hard too, I’ll get there.

4- Pat myself on the back. I take a minute to celebrate what I’ve accomplished and the progress I’m making each month.

And if progress feels slow, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter how fast I move because forward is forward. I’ll reach my goals, and so will you!

How do you stay positive and focused?

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